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HCS x Metarupa

Event Dates

17th of July - 17th of August, 2022 🇮🇩

Choose A Team

Participants can choose between #timmerah (red team) or #timputih (white team).


Create your #Indotezia piece using our #Indotezia template. Just download the file and create away! Don't forget to show which team you're on by coloring your characters headband.

Mint & Shill

Mint your piece on any Tezos platform. Don't forget to tag #Indotezia, your team (#timmerah or #timputih), #hardcorestation, and #metarupa. Join our Community at



What is #Indotezia?

In Summer of 2021 during the NFT Wave, Metarupa initiated #HENdonesia, a campaign event to highlight Indonesian creators minting on Hic Et Nunc, a Tezos based NFT Marketplace. Through #HENdonesia, creators nation wide had a hashtag to proudly showcase their Indonesian inspired work in the NFT Space, many of which were genesis mints.

This year #HENdonesia becomes #Indotezia. Thanks to our collaboration with HCS, we once again invite creators from everywhere to participate in this unique event, and showcase their best work! LFG 🚀

Event Timeline

17th of July 2022

12th of August 2022

17th of August 2022

Open Submission to all NFT Creators. #Indotezia is all inclusive, from local to international creators, you're all welcome to participate! Don't forget to hashtag your work with #Indotezia your team (#timmerah or #timputih), #hardcorestation, and #metarupa. Mint 17 Editions for 0.8-1.7 Tez each.

On the 12th of August we will host a twitter space for the community and all participants of #Indotezia to showcase your piece! We love a good story, especially when it's followed by good art!

On the 17th of August, Indonesia's Independence Day, we will host an NFT exhibition to showcase #Indotezia works, and highlight creators and collectors alike on the 77th Independence Day!


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