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13/07/23 – 17/07/23
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#IndoTEZia 2023

"Culture Meets Future"

Event Dates

13th of July - 17th of August, 2023

Rules for Submission

Showcase your best artwork that highlights Indonesian Spirit and Culture. Artworks can be illustrations, animation, photography, writing/poetry, and even audio! Submit your artwork now ->

Registration & Prize

Submit your artwork through our registration form at Join our community here. Total purchasing prize for artworks: IDR 4.000.000

Mint on any Tezos Platform

For web3 Natives, please your artwork on any Tezos platform before submitting through our form. Don't forget to tag #Indotezia, #metarupa. If you're on Discord, join our Community at


#IndoTEZia Virtual Gallery Coming  Soon!

What is #IndoTEZia?

In Summer of 2021 during the NFT Wave, Metarupa initiated #HENdonesia, a campaign event to highlight Indonesian creators minting on Hic Et Nunc, a Tezos based NFT Marketplace. Through #HENdonesia, creators nation wide had a hashtag to proudly showcase their Indonesian inspired work in the NFT Space, many of which were genesis mints.

This year #IndoTEZia is coming back again, celebrating 78 Years of Independence. Special thanks to our long time partner, and sponsor TZ Apac for Sponsoring the Giveaway Prize. We once again invite creators from everywhere to participate in this unique event, and showcase their best work! LFG 🚀

Event Timeline

13th of July 2023

16 July 2023

28th July 2023

Open call for International creators to submit their artwork through our registration link. Artworks must embody the Spirit and Culture of Indonesia. This year's theme: "Culture Meets Future"

On the 16th July, Metarupa will create collaboration webinar with Fakultas Seni Media Rekam Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta to talk about "Art Monetization, From Hobbies to Income" register here

On the 28th July, Metarupa is hosting a workshop session with Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni (Faculty of Language and Arts) Universitas Negeri Jakarta to talk about "Art Hacks: Steps to Create Unique Art"

5th of August 2023

14th August 2023

17th of August 2023

On the 5th of August, Metarupa will host a workshop session with Unit Seni Rupa from Universitas Gadjah Mada to talk about "Art Monetization, from Hobbies to Income"

On the 14th of August, Metarupa will launch a final summit with several University communities from across Indonesia to talk about The Future of Digital Art and announce the winning artworks!

On the 17th of August, Indonesia's Independence Day, we will host a Virtual Exhibition to showcase #IndoTEZia works, and highlight creators and collectors alike on the 78th Independence Day!

About Us

We are Metarupa. The first Indonesian NFT Community. Home of creators, collectors, and builders. Join our community now on Discord and What's app Community

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