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The 1st NFT Community In Indonesia


What We Do

NFT Branding Strategy

In a transparent blockchain, there's nothing more important than the branding of your Metabeing (your wallet address). Let us help you pick the right strategy for your specific needs 💫

NFT Workshops

In the NFT Community, we've got a fountain of collective knowledge and resources. We are stronger together, and we believe in building the community up together. Join our workshops to get deep into the ocean of NFTs! 🌙

Smart Contract Development

Nothing is technically more important for your project than a properly developed and tested smart-contract in a world where code is law. ⚙️

Connecting Brands with Communities

Promote your Brand to Collectors! Promoting your Brand on Web2 is nice, but what's the use if the right Community doesn't see your Web3 Brand? 💎

Community Management

Did you know that Metarupa in collaboration with Remote Skills Academy started the first ever Community Manager program in Indonesia? We have a database of over 200 doxxed, and trained remote workers for web3 ✨


The NFT revolution is seen as the new renaissance of the digital age. It’s time for you to make the most of it. By joining our NFT Community you get access to new guides, keep to date with the latest trends, and opportunities in the NFT metaverse. We want to connect you with creatives from across the globe, to collaborate and build something wonderful together.

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Brands & Partnerships